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some other night vale things

Why is this so awesome?!

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I bleed it out…
I’ve opened up these scars… 
I’ll make you face this…!

I’ve pulled myself so far…
I’ll make you face this now…!!

- - - 

This started out as just some facial expression practice and it quickly turned into an all out photoset. I’m beyond happy with it though, I have a thing for blood so that’s always fun to color. Enjoy, you guys ! 

I have to say, I’m not a fan of Homestuck, but my gosh! They have some of the best fan artists out there.

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Two more chibis! <3 Weee!



latest stress relief piece!

Fuuu this is gorgeous! <3

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Can’t go over it.

Can’t go under it.

Can’t go around it.

Gotta go through it.

Trying to explain depression or anxiety to someone who’s never experienced it.

This belongs here.


Look for help, professional or not, always talk about your feelings, always vent. If someone tells you to stop venting or simply to “get over it”, is something that will not help at all. People with anxiety and depression been through alot, they fear a lot of people will not understand what they’re going through. They can get over it if it was just that easy but it is not.

Always listen or go to your friends whoever are sad, you have no idea how much that will make them happy, even if you don’t have the best advice, -always listen- to them.

Help someone in need, even if you cannot do much, just an ear out for them will always mean a lot to someone, you never know! 

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Rook in late fall by l2edpanda
Not canon, but she looks so darn good in this outfit. ; ;

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All these pages are 8.5x11, 300 dpi. Feel free to print it out in full size if you like physical copies

Comics and Comic Artists

Jake Wyatt- deviantart tumblr

"Welcome To Summers"


Suggested Reading/Books:

Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics” (entirely done in comic format)



Speech Bubbles Mistakes

Paint Bucket Resource

Storyboarding and Camera angles

What is DPI?

Transferring Traditional to Digital (Photoshop Tutorial)

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"Only Love Can Break Your Heart."

I’m very proud of this picture! <3 I don’t know what I did, but I think it came out rather well.